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Matters of heart and money are very complicated. We’re not sure about the heart, but we’re confident enough to solve your financial matters intelligently. If you are unable to keep up with the pace of the dynamic monetary world, this place will give all the financial information you need in a distinctive blend.

Rajesh Sharma Bank Fraud

We're a bunch of financial enthusiasts, here to spread knowledge related to all the matters of money. We believe that it is our responsibility to save people from problems such as bank fraud, financial scams, etc. by providing the right knowledge on how to handle cash.

Our goal is to provide authentic and quality information on how to better manage loans, credit cards, savings, and everything else in the visionary financial world.

One thing that differentiates us from the rest is our all-new series of caricatures, explaining the financial concepts & Money Matters by Rajesh Sharma like CBI (Cash Bank Interest). We also have a plethora of blog posts, interesting stories, articles, and facts to fill the thirst for knowledge and awareness of financial topics. And, when your financial goals are achieved through our set of information, that is where our actual success is going to lie.

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We aim to empower everyone with the financial expertise that makes people smarter and help them choose the best for them. We ensure that the readers miss nothing crucial or worth knowing in the field of finance. Each and every effort made by our team would lead you a little closer to your dreams and aspirations on which you’ve been working on.

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