6 Simple Ways to Save Money with Wallet Apps


In this tech-driven world, the popularity and use of mobile wallets or e-wallets give us the variety of benefits. From ease and convenience in receiving payments to paying through wallet app; it enables us with the easement of not carrying an actual wallet all the time. 

With a simple tap on a button using a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch you can get an access to these apps & avail huge benefits. We have apps like Paytm, Paypal, Google Pay and many more to do such transactions. But only being familiar with these applications is not enough, you have to understand the different ways to save money with wallets too.


Below are some tips to save money through Wallet Apps:


  1. Cashback: From booking movie tickets to recharges these wallet apps give their users a huge cashback depending on the amount you spend in the form of online generared coupons. The more you use these apps, the more chances you will get for cash back. Sometimes these coupons show up at the time of payment, and other times the app user has to search for it online.


  1. Discounts & Sales: Discounts and sales are the happy words! These apps also have discounts to offer and have partnerships with other shopping apps like Amazon and Flipkart by which you can get an offer or sale along with free shipping, when you pay with wallet money.


  1. In Cash Shortage:Sometimes we are short on cash but have to travel long routes. So what’s in here for us, this time? What if there is no atm in between your way?
     There are some apps like Ola and Jugnoo that charge lesser as compared to normal auto and even you can pay.


  1. Memberships: It is always useful to take memberships for such exciting offers and discounts especially a food membership will be a big win. Yes, Zomato, FoodPanda, Swiggy etc are some apps which have collaborated with many restaurants around the country so that their members have to pay less than a walk-in meal.


  1. Money Transfer: Unlike the olden times , now we have net banking, Paytm and Google Pay (Tez) for easy and fast money transfer. Apps like these have simplified the money transfer even further & broke it down to simple steps making it easy for any kind of user, whether a literate or not.   

  2. Shopping life: Everything is just a click away. Shopping is no more a hectic game. Now, you can order from clothes and groceries to anything that you want through these apps. The amount of discounts and offs that you get is quite impressive. It is easy money as well as it saves few hours.


Day by day, things become easier and faster due to smartphones and apps. Saving money on wallet apps is easier that case. Make sure to make out the most from coupons, promo codes, and memberships.

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