rajesh & brajesh


Rajesh: Hi Brajesh

Brajesh: Hey Rajesh! You seem to be thinking about something! Is everything ok?

Rajesh: Yes, everything is good! I was just looking at this bill of a restaurant from which i ate yesterday and the amount of taxes that they charged were pretty high. 

Brajesh: It is completely justifiable Rajesh! Don’t get stressed about it!

Rajesh: But, Look at the amount they are charging in the name of GST!

Brajesh: Rajesh, i understand your concern but nothing to worry about.

Rajesh: Why do you think like that?

Brajesh: Well for one thing, all the different taxes have been combined as one and now we know the taxes are going straight to the government under only one name. So it is much more authentic than too many taxes under too many names.

Rajesh: I think previously we were in a much better condition regarding the taxes than now.

Brajesh: I hate to disagree with you here but the amounts of taxes which we were paying previously were higher. GST is to replace the consumption tax i.e. the sales tax and service tax (SST). The introduction of GST is part of the tax reform, programmed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing taxation system.

Rajesh: Well, You have a point that efficiency on a national level has increased and have gotten streamlined after the introduction of GST.
Brajesh: Not only national level but on a personal level too. Now the Tax filing is too easy and hassle free.

Rajesh: Yeah, so, i guess we are not at loss after GST introduction. Just the immediate after effects of it seems to be a little dispelling.

Brajesh: But we can rest assured that it is benefiting us in many ways. 
Rajesh: Yes, now i feel it is totally justified.

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