rajesh & brajesh


Rajesh: Hi Brajesh! Where are you heading?

Brajesh: Hello Rajesh! I am heading to a health Insurance office to get a health insurance plan.

Rajesh: Oh nice. Taking a health Insurance plan is a smart move, especially considering the unpredictability regarding our health

Brajesh: Yes exactly! Do you have one?

Rajesh: No. Not now.

Brajesh: But, why?

Rajesh: Actually I’m really confused about all the health insurance plans offered by the companies. I don’t know which one will be beneficial to me in coming future.

Brajesh: Alright! You know, every plan is designed with a specific agenda highlighting a feature in particular.

Rajesh: Oh, is that so?

Brajesh: Yes! You should do a bit of research and then decide to go for a plan which suits you and your family.

Rajesh: What all points should I keep in mind while choosing a health insurance plan?

Brajesh: There are various points that should be considered like what kind of a medical plan it is, how much do you have to pay for the medical expenses from your own pocket, can you use your current doctors also, restrictions, pre-conditions and claim settlements procedure.

Rajesh: Okay Brajesh, I’ll keep that in mind.

Brajesh: Also, I read this blog on Health insurance. Read it once. It will be of great help.  

Rajesh: Sure. Thank you Brajesh!

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