rajesh & brajesh


Rajesh: Hi Brajesh, haven’t seen you in a while.

Brajesh: Yeah Rajesh, i am busy these days looking for apartments!

Rajesh: Oh! You planning to move or you are just buying another place?

Brajesh: No, just buying another place. 

Rajesh:  Oh that’s great! Where are you planning to buy!

Brajesh:  Not here! I wanted to buy it in the outskirts of the city.

Rajesh: Alright! Well it is great to invest in real estate because it has such high returns & also acts as a safety net in the times of need.

Brajesh: Yes, you are right Rajesh! I also thought about it like this only.

Rajesh: Rest everything is okay, but have you checked out whether the property you are buying is legal & habitable or not?

Brajesh: No, I haven’t checked it out yet!

Rajesh: always before investing into real estate, get the property checked out & make sure it is legally buyable.

Brajesh: Sounds like a major concern my friend! I’ll get the property checked today only and then I’ll move forward with the buying decision.

Rajesh: Yes, it will always put you in a position of confidence when you make this kind of decision. Whether it is real estate, any investment scheme or anything. Getting a detailed knowledge and personal R&D is a must, always.

Brajesh: Thank you for bringing it to my notice Rajesh! Ill take care of this every time ill decide to invest anywhere.

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