rajesh & brajesh


Brajesh - Hi Rajesh! Where have you been since long?

Rajesh - Hi Brajesh, I was busy searching for some sources for money

Brajesh - What happened, Rajesh? Is everything alright?

Rajesh - Yes. I have been planning my son's marriage for a couple of months but don't know how will I be able to make all the financial arrangements.

Brajesh - What kind of help are you seeking in terms of finances?

Rajesh - Well Brajesh! I'm confused about borrowing money from the moneylenders as there are chances of fraud 

Brajesh - Alright, Rajesh do you know that the banks also provide loans for such life events?

Rajesh- I didn't know that, Brajesh

Brajesh - There is a CBI factor behind it. Cash Bank Interest. Banks give loan for marriages in a more flexible & reliable way. The interest rate that the banks charge is also low as compared to when you borrow cash from moneylenders.

Rajesh - Brajesh! How much can I borrow from the bank?

Brajesh - See, the bank provides you with different plans for such events depending upon capacity. You can visit a bank to find out which loan plan suits your requirement.

Rajesh - Thanks Brajesh! I will visit a bank today only.

Brajesh - Rajesh- Sure. Thank you, Brajesh!

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