rajesh & brajesh


Brajesh: Hey Rajesh, How are you? Why are you looking so tensed?

Rajesh: Hey Brajesh, I am stuck with my CBI getting low day by day, and I don’t know why?

Brajesh: CBI? What does that mean?

Rajesh: CBI is Cash Bank Interest. The interest that a bank pays us on money in our accounts

Brajesh: Oh, that’s CBI. Yeah I know about that. Hey, I have a suggestion for you regarding your CBI

Rajesh: That’s nice. Tell me about it

Brajesh: You can improve your CBI on idle cash lying in your saving account, as idle cash makes you lose interest.

Rajesh: Oh, is that?

Brajesh: Yes!

Rajesh: But, How do I improve my CBI without compromising liquidity or taking higher risks?

Brajesh: There are many ways you can improve it. For example:
You can open a fixed deposit, to deploy your saving/current bank balance. But, Rajesh do keep in mind that, the rates for longer term deposits are little higher than small term deposits.

Rajesh: Okay!

Brajesh:Also, have you have ever heard about Mutual funds?

Rajesh: Yes! I have seen some advertisement on TV

Brajesh:Yeah, so Mutual fund is another smart way of earning more income without compromising on liquidity.

Rajesh: Thank you Brajesh. I will definitely look into these options to improve my returns.

Brajesh:You’re welcome. And thank you, I learned a new term today CBI- Cash Bank Interest.

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