rajesh & brajesh


Rajesh: Hi Brajesh!

Brajesh: Hey Rajesh!
Rajesh: Hey, tell me one thing Brajesh, have you started planning your retirement yet?

Brajesh : No Rajesh! I think it’s too soon to do that!

Rajesh: I think, I’ll have to disagree here with you Brajesh! It’s the most appropriate time to kick off with the planning of retirement.

Brajesh : Oh, I never thought like that, could you please elaborate ?

Rajesh : See, retirement planning is nothing but securing our future, so the earlier we start with the planning; much better off we will be until we reach the end of our work life.

Brajesh : That’s alright, but what next?
Rajesh : Well, there are many government and private schemes offered by various financial institutions you can choose from, all which are customised according to your specific needs. And the best part is you can find most of the information online. Go through this Blog and you have a better approach towards this concern.

Brajesh: I’ll check the details online once.

Rajesh : But before all that, make sure to make a retirement budget as you will have to plan everything and choose your plan accordingly. 

Brajesh : Thanks a lot Rajesh! I’ll keep that in mind.

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