rajesh & brajesh


Rajesh: Hey, Where are you coming from?

Brajesh: Hi Rajesh, I have been to Syndicate bank to open a new account.

Rajesh: Oh, last week I opened my son Raj’s bank account in a private bank. Services of these private banks are really good

Brajesh: Well Rajesh, Syndicate bank is a public sector bank. It also has a variety of advantages. If I talk about interest rate, they are very high in this bank.

Rajesh: Might be, but as far as I have experienced, private banks provide more customized services and greater personal interaction.

Brajesh: That’s really great. What about the loan procedure in private bank?

Rajesh: It’s a bit lengthy procedure to go through.

Brajesh: hmm okay! Syndicate bank keeps same policies for all loan customers and it is quite easy to get the loan sanctioned.

Rajesh: Do public sector banks charge pre-payment charges on the loans?

Brajesh: They do NOT charge you a penny to prepay. They tend to go easy on this part.

Rajesh: But, Brajesh you can’t deny this, in terms of digitization, private sector banks are able to leverage it better.

Brajesh: ABSOULTELY! I agree on this part.

Rajesh: Well yeah, every bank has its own advantages & it all depends upon our needs and requirements.

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