rajesh & brajesh


Rajesh: Hey Brajesh! What’s up?

Brajesh: Hi Rajesh. I am reading this article about bank fraud.

Rajesh: Bank fraud? Now what is that all about?

Brajesh: Bank fraud is the use of potentially illegal means to obtain money from depositors by fraudulently posing as a bank

Rajesh: Oh god! This thing really exists?

Brajesh: Yeah. It is often in news these days. Bank fraud is sometimes considered a white-collar crime.

Rajesh: OK. So what’s in this article?

Brajesh: This article has listed various things we should keep in mind alongwith bank transactions like not to give account information over the phone or share pin and passwords and to keep regular check on our accounts

Rajesh: Yeah that’s right.

Brajesh: And you know, Mr. Gupta got trapped in some bank fraud last week.

Rajesh: Oh. What happened?

Brajesh: He got a call from some random person who claimed himself to be a bank manager and asked Mr. Gupta for his account details

Rajesh: And?

Brajesh: Mr. Gupta trusted him and disclosed his details. Within few minutes 20k was deducted from his bank account

Rajesh: That’s shocking. One needs to be very careful when it comes to financial matters.


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